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Welcome to Black Lion Brewery, a collection of like minded people dedicated to one simple idea.  Have fun at all costs! 

We are from several different guilds, spanning several different games, and enjoy just being laid back and relaxed.  We have people focused on RvR, PvE, crafting, and just chatting.  We don't make schedules because honestly, that would constrict us too much.  The majority of us are older than your average "gamers", married with kids, and bound by life's rules first.  I'm not sure you'd catch many of us on 8 hour dungeon raids, unless we were promised the best loot. :)

We are always recruiting like-minded people to join our merry band of misfits.  You won't be expected to be on at certain times, RvR x amount of hours per week, or have to be a certain level.  We'll take pretty much anyone who has a sense of friendship, and a bit of a twisted personality.

So if you want to just enjoy playing Warhammer, we would love to have you!

Send a /tell in game to any one of us.  We'll be happy to chat with you.  Or fill out an application here and we'll get back to you.



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Say "Welcome!" to Ilustriel Morningstar

Coe da Hoe, Nov 24, 08 3:23 PM.
Ilustriel is the Alliance Rep for Ordo Conventus and now has member access here.  This will allow Ilustriel to post and keep us updated on the haps with the alliance.

Make him feel at home!

Vent server address!

Coe da Hoe, Nov 6, 08 4:32 PM.
Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I am back!  The polls were completed last week and the new guild tax rate has been set to 15% as of last week.

The vent address will be changed in accordance with the poll and the address will be stickied in the forums.  We won't have a pasword yet, but will soon.

Please make a note of this, the effective date of change will be sometime Friday, so if you try to login Friday night and can't you'll know why.


Coe da Hoe, Oct 26, 08 9:58 PM.
There are 2 new polls up, so everyone who has not voted, please do so soon.  We want to hear from everyone!

My thanks to those who have done your blogs (yes Toro, mine is done too) it's nice to learn some history behind some of you.  I learned something new about everyone who has posted.  For those of you who haven't done yours yet, booooo!  Let's us know who you are!

P.S. - To see someone's blog, go to the guild roster and click the blog link.

P.S.S. - Please go to your Characters and Setting link and add all of your toons in BLB on it.  It will link all of your alts together so we know who everyone is.

Thanks all!

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